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What Are Some Popular Colors To Choose For The Bathroom?

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Not everyone believes that you should put a lot of time and effort in bathroom decor but that is because in the past, the bathroom has been decorated with a simple decor that consist of floor tiles or linoleum and a few wall hangings. Towels displayed on the towel racks is about the only way that color has managed to go into the bathroom. However, its time to break away from the plain and simple look in bathroom decor and create a new look that has the bathroom looking refreshed and new.

Popular Colors To Choose For The Bathroom - pink and white

Popular Colors To Choose For The Bathroom - pink, black and white

Paint for the walls

Color is everything in decor. If you choose the wrong colors it will affect the way that the bathroom will be decorated. In the same token, if you choose the right color, your possibilities are endless when it comes to decor. Bathrooms are usually dark and dim. Use the color of paint to brighten it up. White is a bright color as well as your primary colors of yellow, orange, and pink. Soft colors like cream, blue, or sage can be used to tone down the brightness if that is a problem. Use pink or gray if you want to balance the look in your bathroom. A simple decor is better because you can accessorize the look to control the brightness.

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Experiment with colors
Don’t be afraid to do a little experimenting with colors. You can use hues that you normally wouldn’t consider. Try maroon and cream color or lavender and cream. You may also want to add some black shades to your decor. Keep the windows bright by using white or cream curtains.

colorful blue bathroom for modern small bath

The floors need to be kept neat and clean with colors. Try white area rugs or flower shaped rugs on the floor if you want to add a floral design to your bathroom decor. Consider placing tiles down on the floor and create a unique pattern that sets your bathroom apart from others. Some prefer to use carpeting in the bathroom however, this may become a mess if there are any overflows or spills.

white bathroom with colorful rugs floor

Paint colors come in a wide array and you have choices to make. Combining two different colors on the wall can be easy to do if you place the top half a light color and the bottom half a dark color. Place wallpaper in the middle to combine the two and you have a new look.

Create multiple looks when you combine several colors together in sections. Place a different color around the sink compared to the colors around the tub. Create a separate look from the rest of your bathroom. Place a white color around your makeup table. The possibilities are endless.

Remember to be creative and express yourself with your own personal taste in color and style. If you use wallpaper, choose a neutral color or pattern that will look good with several different looks. It takes a little planning but you can create it. This will make it easier for you in the future if you get tired of one look easy.

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