Subaco Modern Japanese Compact Bathroom Design

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Bathroom design still be the most important place in a modern house, Now I share you a Japanese bathroom design ‘Subaco’ that may suitable for your new bathroom, all of the bathrooms on below pictures are designed with glass wall and white color bathroom accessories.
Cleansing of the body, eating, and resting. This feature is necessary for people to live. 2m×2m 2m × 2m just compiled them all in a compact space. Tub, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, loft and living space that also. To heal and play simple and empty space, we will place turned into a fun and exciting life itself.

Subaco proposed a new way of life. By this bathroom ideas, that enable you to enjoy in cleansing the body, and relaxing. Please visit spiritual-mode to enjoy another beautiful modern Japanese bathroom design.




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