Furniture stores Design Ideas by BNODesign
Furniture stores Design Ideas by BNODesign

Furniture Stores and Showroom Design by BNODesign

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Furniture stores usually designed dynamically based on the furniture that stored, so it just an empty room with simple decoration on wall, floor and ceiling. The store is decorated by the furniture at the store, I agree with this condition but it’s important to ensuring that the furniture is well configured. Here is one of the best furniture showroom design by BNODesign. The basic principle of this furniture stores is how to well configuring the furniture, so the showroom looks elegant and cozy.

BNOdesign have designed this elegant furniture stores showroom to showcase the latest furniture designs from the furniture designer and manufacturer with a beautiful furniture decoration arrangement to tracking new customers to come to their showroom on exhibition, To see more details, just enjoy below pictures:

This furniture store design used a similar floor color with dining furniture set that displayed with good lighting and white white curtain as the room partition.

This bedroom set looks great with  a good arrangement, customer who will buy the beds will also buy another bedroom furniture too.

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