The High Impact Relyea Cinema By Frederick

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When we broke ground on our new home in upstate New York my wife Kristie and I each had our goals for this space. I desired a place where I could listen to music, and where the family could come together for a great movie experience. Kristie’s priority was for the space to feel like an extension of our home.

As die-hard, do-it-yourselfers we’ve handled many home improvement projects over the years, so we did all the design, framing, and electrical work. Construction was done on nights and weekends during our free time, so it lasted nearly a year. We try to do it all, however, we hired an expert sheet rocker, which allowed us to focus on what we do best. Prior to laying the sheetrock, we ran all the necessary wiring and to future proof the installation, 2-inch PVC pipe was laid so wires could be pulled at a later date. —hometheaterdesignmag
The High Impact Relyea Cinema By Frederick

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