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Modern Homes with Dutch Style by CSD Architecten

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Modern homes with Dutch style by CSD
Modern homes with Dutch style by CSD

Modern Homes with Dutch Style

Dutch modern homes are famous home style, this is the modern Dutch home architecture project by CSD Architecten, a project of  the house of Britt Crepain & Stefan Spaens in the center of Antwerp (Belgium). Together with their friend in CSD Architecten Joep Debie, they designed and build their own home themselves. The footprint of the house is only 50 sqm (4 x 12.5 meters) but the have a basement, ground floor, 4 split-levels and a roof terrace. Brit also designed the kitchen, library, wardrobes etc. They really optimized every room, behind the door in the library there’s a toilet.

To design some modern homes with Dutch style, the architect tries to design with a large size.  Footprint: 50 sqm (outer wall), 47 sqm (inner wall). Where split-leveled: front = 27 sqm (void stairs/elevator, 4 levels), rear: 16 sqm ).  Levels: 6 and a half. Level -1: basement/storage; level 0: ground floor = polyvalent for bureau/commercial or as it is now ‘carport’, washing room and extra storage behind a curtain; level 0.5: vestiaire; level 1: front = main bedroom/master bathroom; rear = second bedroom + show room; level 2: front = bureau; rear = hobby + guest room; level 3: front = kitchen; rear = dining; level 4: sitting room around open fire and access to first roof terrace; level 5: main roof terrace

CSD modern home design - Interior living room
Modern homes with Dutch style by CSD - living room
Modern homes with Dutch style - Library
Modern homes with Dutch style by CSD - Library

Modern homes usually have  newest technology, that’s why Britt Crepain designed all the furniture, completely integrated (functional and esthetically) in the architecture that Britt & Stefan both designed. Some of the fittings (for example the glazed doors) are also designed by her. The rest of the fittings are carefully selected.
CSD modern home design - Interior StaircaseThey chose all materials as natural as possible, colors flowing into each other, to create an otherwise monolithic character. Inspiration for the color pallet was found on a beach in France (driftwood, pebbles, the color of the sand).

Dutch modern homes are have specific design, such as these information, some information about modern homes from wikipedia:

Dutch Colonial is a style of domestic architecture, primarily characterized by gambrel roofs having curved eaves along the length of the house. Modern versions built in the early 20th century are more accurately referred to as “Dutch Colonial Revival,” a subtype of the Colonial Revival style, The modern use of the term is to indicate a broad gambrel roof with flaring eaves that extend over the long sides, resembling a barn in construction. The early houses built by settlers were often a single room, with additions added to either end (or short side) and very often a porch along both long sides. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts about modern homes.

CSD modern home design - Staircasephoto:  Luc Roymans Photography

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