Luxury and Modern Bedroom Designs by Cattelan Italia

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Bedroom designs in luxury style usually used for classic home such as on these gallery of Italian home design. Luxury and modern are two style that can be applied together, especially for bedroom designs, its just simple thing to combine a luxury bedroom design with modern bedroom design

Luxury-and-modern-Bedrooms-and-Decor-Ideas-by-Cattelan-Italia-1 On this post, here is a series of  bedroom designs in luxury by Cattelan Italia. This bedroom are completed with big beds, and luxury sofa furniture. Bedroom decorating ideas is, of course, all about the bed, everything looks pure and smooth sensual. Several decoration such as large mirrors, lamps, floors and grand statues add beauty and elegance of this bedroom. All rendered in subtle white, ivory and biscuits, so it can focus strongly on the materials used for luxurious curtains and upholstery.


A touch of gold and silver seen splashed here and there, in the form of cushions, set of patterns to increase overall wealth. About looks, you can translate ideas to a traditional country house setting – complete with mold walls and the ceiling, or simply stay in a contemporary urban apartment. Either way, this room will be set free romance and modern bedroom designs.




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