Orange Living Room Designs, My Favorite Color Theme

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orange-furniture-for-living-roomOrange color is an unique color theme since it tends to warm a room and more friendly and welcoming way, I love to apply an orange color theme into living room. I thing by adding an orange color the living room will be more welcoming and fresh. Using bright orange may little bit tricky, but it can be effective if it can be used correctly. Bright orange can also be effective if you use it in your furniture, such as chairs, curtain, etc. If you still want to use bright orange as the paint, you can combine it with the simple furniture. Avoid using many colors in your living room because it can make the room seem mess. Another orange color theme is dark orange, it is easier to be used than bright orange. Dark orange can give the warmth and romantic atmosphere.


brown and-orange-living-room-designIf you are thinking of combining orange with other colors, black may be another choice. However, black has to used in a careful proportion to avoid making the room look drab. With the living room in orange, sleek black couches and metal center table to give that suave look to your room. Too much of black in the living room will leave it looking a dull and insipid one. Throw in a few things in whit such as rugs, decorative vases, curtains or another pair of couches and you will have a simple yet elegant orange room to go! Other arrangements in which orange will make the room an exuberant one are orange and apple green, orange, cream and chocolate brown, and orange and red. Again, too much of a color can be pain in the eyes and one has to be cautious while choosing an accent in a darker shade such as orange.

Orange living Room Decor i wall and floor


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