hollinsworth warehouse gallery - exterior

Hollinsworth Warehouse, Glebe, New South Wales, The Project of Archengine

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Hollinsworth warehouse gallery - living roomA modern warehouse design, this is the hollinsworth, designed by Archengine, an architecture that delivers strength through diversity, creating localized, sustainable architecture; whole in every respect. Our work embraces all the positive ideas of the past and provides a foundation for the progressive ideas of the future.

hollinsworth warehouse gallery - gardenOriginally conceived as an internal fitout within an existing heritage warehouse, Archengine developed the concept of floating a new lightweight steel box over the existing masonry building, allowing for greater height and amenity whilst still satisfying the concerns of the local heritage committee.

hollinsworth warehouse gallery - kitchenThis also allowed for the establishment of an elevated living space and spacious outdoor entertainment area on the upper level, which oriented towards the local district and city skyline views.

hollinsworth warehouse gallery - staircase

hollinsworth warehouse gallery - exterior

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