Tranmere House interior - kitchen design

Compact Residence and Studio Design of Tranmere House in Tasmania

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Tranmere House exteriorPrefab house design always be the most suitable for any compact house, a compact house is a multi-function house with minimalist design, by using minimalist design on its roof, a prefab house will looks simple and efficient on using the space. This compact residence and studio completed in Howrah, Tasmania in late 2008 was an experimental project for Maria Gigney Architects. It is a move forward into a philosophy of ‘Integrated Design’. A building is viewed as an interdependent system, instead of an accumulation of its separate elements (site, structure, systems and use). The idea of considering all the systems together to is ensure they work harmoniously rather than against each other. Basic principles of sustainable design are not necessarily of benefit independantly of a holistic design, these components must be considered as integral, right from the concept stage. The House uses virtually maintenance free materials, and responds to it’s context by focussing inwards, visually and acoustically.

Tranmere House courtyard

Tranmere House interior - living roomThis compact house used gray color on its furniture and combined with gray color on its floor and staircase, simple decorating ideas allows this house to has more spacious. In order to get maximum lighting, a glassed roof is installed on the courtyard, its also completed with large glass-window wall on the kitchen that connected with the courtyard. If you would like to see another beautiful project, you can visit Maria Gigney Architects.

Tranmere House interior - kitchen

Tranmere House interior - kitchen design

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