Picture of kitchen remodeling project
Picture of kitchen remodeling project

Tips on Upgrading your kitchen

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Upgrading your kitchen is a great way to spruce up your house and really add some value; it’s also a chance to get creative and, contrary to popular belief, such an upgrade need not cost the earth. If you’re convinced that your kitchen could benefit from a little redecoration and rearranging, our upgrading your kitchen guides could be just what you need.

Picture of kitchen remodeling project
Picture of kitchen remodeling project

Decide on a budget
It’s mundane and it’s boring, but deciding on a strict budget is your first step on the road to upgrading your kitchen. Failure to set a budget could see your costs spiral out of control, turning your dream kitchen into a nightmare. While your budget should be strict, you should also designate a small contingency fund, just in case you fall in love with any new appliances or decorative items.

If money is an issue, and you’re looking to find a few extra pounds to put towards your remodeling, consider selling some of your unwanted items which could help you de-clutter your kitchen and make room for all those nice, new appliances that you’ve had your eye on.

 Something new

Upgrading your kitchen does not necessarily mean replacing every item that is in there, especially if you are adhering to a strict budget. A great option is to pick one or two facets of your existing kitchen to spruce up. You may plump for some marble or Granite Transformations kitchen cabinets, or a new cooker may be the order of the day. Either way, putting in a new appliance, or set of counter tops, could help make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Create features

With some new appliances or counter tops installed, a great, low cost way of improving the overall feel of your kitchen can be to create some features. One excellent option is to add shelving in your kitchen. These shelves can be filled with food, cooking appliances, dishes or display items that you’ve purchased; the options are endless. Your new shelves help to create a feature in the room, drawing the eyes of your visitors, immediately.

Adjust your lighting

A well-lit kitchen is a great way to make a statement. While your ambient lighting may not be too bright, the intelligent use of accent lighting is an excellent way to highlight some of the items which you are proud of in your kitchen, whether it’s a painting, a picture, or a sculpture. In addition to well thought out ambient and accent lighting, choose spotlights for your task lighting, to add a touch of class. If your options for moving lighting sources around are limited, simply buying a quirky, hanging lampshade can transform the feel of the room.

Add discussion items

Once you’ve made some, or all, of the changes that we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your new kitchen. Consider incorporating deliberately quirky or strange-looking items into the design of your new kitchen. Whether it’s an odd painting, a brightly colored armchair, or a piece of driftwood, these items will help to give your kitchen that little something special, and they’ll always be a focal point for discussion with your guests.

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