contemporary green french modern kitchen lighting

Contemporary Modern French Kitchen Lighting Design

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contemporary modern kitchen lightingKitchen lighting is an important thing in this French lighting ideas, The biggest aspect in any room including the kitchen is the color. A French country kitchen cabinets would most likely have walls in a muted yellow – a butter or mustard color. The cabinets and cupboards would look best painted with the milk paint or a muted paint in the cornflower blue or even a salmon color.If you really want to go all out, you could include stenciling or hand-painted flowers were animals on the cabinets.

contemporary modern French kitchen lighting

contemporary modern kitchen lighting in French StyleThis is another smart lighting system on a French kitchen designs, the lamps are installed in almost all of the space, this lamp installation are made sure that the kitchen had sufficient lights, just feel free to enjoy this post.

contemporary modern kitchen lighting design

contemporary green french modern kitchen lighting

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