The Miss Sixty Modern Fashion Store Home Design

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An attractive red coloured based fashion store modern home interior design inspiration designed by Giorgio Borruso Design, an award winning store designer in the year 2004. This Miss Sixty modern fashion store design is located in Las Vegas. a great inspirational picture of fashion store concept that could created a modern and stylish look with vibrant colors. Look at all of these modern home furniture, a series of beautiful home furnishings that suitable used on a modern home design.

fashion-store-modern-home-interior-gallery-2Somebody will said that they loved the lighting,  a set of contemporary lighting with stainless frame and smart lighting in the ceiling. The lighting system is configured to balance with the white and red paint color composition.


fashion-store-modern-home-interior-gallery-4This modern home architecture is an awesome modern fashion store that always care about the last home style.


On this website, I have a lot of article and review about store design. You can also visit our gallery below to get more inspiring pictures for your store design.

Store Interior Design Pictures

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