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Small Bedroom Design Ideas in Colorful and Modern Style

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small bedroom furniture with integrated storageDesigning a small bedroom design should considering much things, coloring themes, the bedroom furniture, and another decorating ideas can affected the atmosphere of this small bedroom. Small bedrooms often look congested and crowded, as they lack floor space as well as storage space. Bedrooms are meant to be cozy, comfortable and relaxing, however, the bedroom furniture clutter gives us a suffocating feeling. Nevertheless, there are several ways in which small bedrooms can look more spacious and bigger. With proper lighting, wardrobes, bed, mirrors, etc the small bedroom can be decorated in a way that makes it look very appealing and elegant.

small steven miller pink girls bedroomMaximize the bedroom furniture with integrated storage, For small bedroom design ideas, storage becomes quite an issue. Bed storage is the answer to storage problem in small bedrooms. When you buy your bed, you could get the bed storage cabinets as well. Most of the platform beds come with bed storage cabinets and drawers. However, make sure you have enough room space to pull the drawers out. All your seasonal clothing can be packed into these bed drawers so that you won’t have to open the drawers frequently. As for storing clothes in the wardrobe, make sure that the wardrobe touches the ceiling, so that no space is wasted. Avoid free-standing wardrobes which do not blend into the room. Build the wardrobe into the walls, using up all the space.

IKEA furniture for small bedroomBedroom color themes is one the most important that can make a bathroom special,  we can choose one color or several color combination, but especially for wall,  avoid using more than one color for the wall. The more the colors, the more crowded the room appears. If your wall is painted with a dark shade, then you could also put light colored and sober wall paper. For the ceiling, use white shade, which will give the room a sense of height. For the flooring, choose light colors. Paint the doors colors same as those of the walls

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small -purple - girls bedroom - southern livingsmall bedroom with purple color on wall

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