bathroom wallpaper ideas for small bathroom in apartment

Small Bathrooms Remodeling for Apartment

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Apartment-Bathroom-remodelingSmall bathrooms need to remodeling regularly in order to avoid outdated on it’s model, especially for apartment bathroom remodeling just need a little thing to make a fresh look. It doesn’t need a heavy remodeling that need an expensive cost. Here are several regularly maintenance to still get fresh look on small bathroom for any apartment. The first maintenance is keeping the paint and bathroom color in good condition, clean up your bathroom regularly to avoid destruction that caused by mold or rust. Because we usually just rent the apartment, make sure that our remodeling project doesn’t need a big cost.

apartment-bathroom-in small size

apartment bathroom with mirrorChange regularly your bathroom accessories and decoration

Bathroom decorating ideas are several things that can bring a big change in bathroom remodeling, replace your decoration in every 3 months so you will always feel have a new bathroom. Use a small indoor plant on the corner of the bathroom. You can also change regularly the lighting system, use a modern style lamp and maximize the lighting with mirror.

clear bathroom curtains for small apartmentCurtains

Many people who lament about how small their apartment bathroom is fail to see that they themselves have worsened the appearance. How? By using a solid colored shower curtain. The logic behind this is actually quite simple – the solid curtain creates the illusion of a wall, which causes the space to look even smaller than it is, due to the fact that about two or three feet of the bathroom are blocked off from vision. To avoid this unflattering illusion, utilize a translucent see through curtain.

bathroom wallpaper ideas for small bathroom in apartmentBathroom Wallpaper

The easiest way to remodeling your small bathrooms on apartment is changing the wall theme by using a wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper can bring a big change into overall bathroom style. Choose a bright color wallpaper to avoid the bathroom looks smaller. But the important thing is to ensure that we just install the wallpaper on a dry side from your bedroom, as we know that incomplete wallpaper installation can make your wallpaper easy to peel.

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