Simple Bathroom Lighting for Black and White Salone Del Mobile

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Bathroom lighting system is used to make your bathroom looks more fresh and a live. A black and white bathroom need a special bathroom light with normal color. White color is the suitable color for this Salone del mobile, an Italian bathroom designed by antonio lupi.
The first image describe you the main view of the bathroom, covered with glass wall and dominated with black color, the bathroom lighting that used is just a simple. On below picture, this is the white bathroom lamp that installed on the bar of the vanity.
Bathtub need a lighting too, a simple lighting is need because all of the room and the bathtub used the white color.

This is the shower lighting and mirror lighting. A beautiful bathroom need a proportional lights, so its need to install a lamp on the shower.

Another room on the bathroom that need a special lighting is the vanity, useĀ  a ceiling lamp on above the vanity. [via]

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