nota bene restaurant interior design

Modern Restaurant Design of Nota Bene with Wood, Stone and Leather Materials

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nota bene bar and restaurant interior designI think a complete restaurant is the restaurant that including several room such as a private dining room, formal dining room and usual dining room, I found the article about this beautiful restaurant at karmatrendz, named the Nota Bene Restaurant. Nota Bene the timeless and modern restaurant located in the base of One Eighty Queen West, Toronto financial district area. The designer using wood, stone and leather for material interior to compose a solid platform upon which to deliver quality food and services. The overall concept balances high energy and calming zones through the natural division of the base building zones.

nota bene restaurant interior design - formal dining places

nota bene restaurant interior design with wood materialsLow, comfortable and generously proportioned furnishings in the formal dining space create an overall sense of well-being and ease of service. The private dining area is defined by a millwork partition and features one long table setting which can be split into deuces. It’s a new restaurant destination that offers maximum comfortability, don’t forget to get romantic dining while you going to Toronto.

nota bene restaurant interior design - romantic dining room

nota bene restaurant interior design

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