Modern Home Tips on Chinese Feng Shui

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Modern home design, actually that used Asian home design style, usually used Feng shui, a basic of rule in Asian culture especially in China, Feng Shui, literally translated as wind-water, is the Chinese art of capturing beneficial qi and protecting from negative energy. Feng shui master Ting-Foon Chik explains that when ancient people used to find settlement, they would look for a sheltered spot where the wind was not too harsh.

Modern Home Tips on Chinese Feng ShuiGenerally, Here are several tips on Feng shui for modern interior:


  1. Keep the door and pathways unblocked to allow the qi to flow into your home.
  2. Keep your home clean and tidy, but not like a museum or a clinic. It is a place where people live, after all.
  3. During the day, it’s good to open doors and windows, to let the fresh air in and let it circulate.
  4. Have some indoor plants, but not too many.
  5. Have some sort of nice metal sound — a chiming clock, the sound of a piano, even recorded piano music — to keep qi clean and clear.

Here are several feng shui rule for bedroom:


  1. To make the living room a relaxing place, you need comfortable furniture in proportion to the room. If you have too many big pieces of furniture in a small room, that’s not good feng shui. If you have a couple of small pieces of furniture in a very huge room, that is not good either. The furniture amount and size should be in proportion with the space.
  2. In a living room, we generally have a sofa, coffee table, maybe some storage and possibly a TV. It’s nice for the furniture to be arranged so that people are sitting around together and comfortably but there is still some space to move within a room.
  3. To make the living room really comfortable, it’s nice to have some soft fabric, soft cushions, which will help make the place feel very relaxed.

Modern Home Tips on Chinese Feng ShuiThe important room is bedroom, as a relaxing room, its need much of feng shui rule, here are several tips for bedroom based on Feng Shui:


  1. We want the bedroom to be even more relaxed than the living room, so it’s particularly important not to have too many round or circular shapes here because they denote motion. It’s nice to have more square and rectangular shapes than round because they denote stillness.
  2. It’s best to place the bed against the solid wall and ideally for there not to be a toilet on the other side of the wall.
  3. Avoid the sound of running water, we want it to be still and quiet.
  4. For it to be cozy, we don’t want the floor space to be too big. A bedroom that has a lot of open floor space and just a small bed isn’t as comfortable as a bedroom where the bed and the floor space are in about equal proportion.
  5. Bedrooms are for rest and relaxation. If for some people, watching TV in bed helps them relax, then that in itself is not a bad thing. However, the TV screen is reflective and if you can see your own reflection while lying in bed, then that is not good feng shui.
  6. Mirrors must be placed so that you can’t see your reflection while lying in bed. If you can see your own reflection it will tend to lead to disturbed sleep. People generally sleep a lot better when their reflection isn’t on a mirror or on a TV screen in the bedroom.

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