Modern Home Design on Kids Bedroom Furniture

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modern room design on  kids bedroom furniture 5

Modern home design can be applied on every room design, here are the kids bedroom furniture arrangement, Pink color is the favorite color for children, especially for teenager.  Over here  in the first picture make use of pink  finishing against  white backdrop to create a country cozy feel.


Good piece of advise is to avoid strong wall color for children room. It is better to add color by using variety of accessories, throws, cushion etc. There are many ways to decorate your child room.

modern-home-design-on-kids-bedroom-furniture-9What you want to do is to design your child room that are both fun and organized. Introduce a play area in the room for child and you can leave the toys in and organized box or open shelve that are used daily for easy to hand on. Using Wall sticker to update and look to differ season.


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