Modern bedroom designs black white by Presotto
Modern bedroom designs black white by Presotto

Modern Bedroom Designs in Black and White by Presotto

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Modern bedroom designs black white by Presotto
Modern bedroom designs black white of Aqua_b by Presotto

Are you searching or designing a modern bedroom design? these are some collection of Presotto for bedroom designs. On this time, I will share you the Presotto bedroom collection in modern style with black and white color combination. Modern bedroom designs usually used a special shape on their furniture, by combining modern bedroom designs in Italian style, Presotto tries to provide the latest and 2011 trends in modern bedrooms. Since 1948 in the heart of what is now known as the Furniture District of the Livenza, one of the companies that has made the history of Italian furniture was born. Since then, Presotto Industrie Mobili has been designing and producing the best of furniture for the bedroom following the design, production and service philosophies that have made the company famous in Italy.

Black and White color combination has often had quite bad reputation especially in interior decorating. But if you see the bedroom designs below you would agree that black along with little white color combination around it makes the bedroom designs, living room designs or for that matter bathroom designs very chic and stylish along with adding the lavish factor. Of course it should be carefully used in right doses. In modern interior design it also comes hand by hand with white in order to generate cool contrasts. Black could also go well with other light colors like yellow or blue but for the classic lavish and bold look there could be nothing better than white.

Of course as mentioned above also that the black and white color would make your bedroom designs stand out only if it is used in the right proportions, looking at the below first image can prove this to you. Only the wall behind the bed in the bedroom is painted jet black and then the entire flooring is done in black tiles. This use of the black makes the entire bedroom stand out. This is the use of the black, and the white color has been nicely gelled into by making use of the small piece bedroom furniture like the side table having white plywood over it and a small bedroom cupboard or dressing table in full white adding to the smart black and white look of the entire bedroom.

Even in the second image the use of black and white has been done very smartly. The use of the black wall along with the white panels above the bed is awesome. It is simple and the only black and white element in the entire bedroom but it still creates a vibrant and very smart effect along with the other colors like lavender and blue. Bedroom designs can be altered in a lot of way by adding new bedroom furniture and all but the best effect of a lavish or luxurious bedroom comes with the right selection of colors in the room which totally depends on your taste.

Modern bedroom designs in black and white - Plana by Presotto
Modern bedroom designs in black and white – Plana by Presotto

The second picture is the Plana Bed, a perfect bed for modern bedroom designs, the Plana bed is the essence of simplicity designed by putting together minimalism and the right technology for a perfect night’s sleep. The bed is provided with a built-in slatted base with beech slats of which 6 are fitted with rigidity adjusters to customize the slatted base while 4 slats have a differentiated resistance to support the shoulders.

Bedroom designs in black and white of Reflex_a by Presotto
Bedroom designs in black and white of Reflex_a by Presotto


Slim, invisible, hi-tech, the bedroom television has never been this clever before. 32 inches of pure fun that slide in front of you in high definition together with the doors. Perfectly integrated with the projecting door, the connecting cables run along the inside of the door, and reach the top of the wardrobe where, by means of a special mechanism, they are guided in their run. This avoids adding useless clutter to the inside of the wardrobe which can be fitted as desire.

modern bedroom design black white

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