modern eco friendly bathroom 2011 trends

Modern Bathroom Designs for 2011 Interior Trends

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modern-bathroom-trends-2011Bathroom trends on 2011 seems similar with previous year bathroom trends, it designed in modern with minimalist but functional concept and still prioritizing comfort and elegance. All the concept on interior design trends are penetrated into modern bathroom furniture, lighting and fixtures design. There are several bathroom designs that become a trend on this year such as installing a contemporary bathroom showers, installation of an eco-friendly bathtub with LED bathroom lighting, modern wood and stone bathtub, sophisticated bathroom with smart sensor bathroom faucets and another smart system, colorful bathroom trends, and another modern luxury style.


eco-modern-bathroomAfter browsing and searching a huge sample of modern bathrooms, bathroom lighting seems be the most important on this 2011 bathroom trends, just take a look on above and below picture, all of the bathroom both modern or contemporary bathrooms, the lighting roles much and big change on a bathroom.


modern eco friendly bathroom 2011 trends

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