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Home Decor Tips for Small Apartment Design

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white wall paint for small apartment designSmall house such as a small apartment should be decorated in simple and minimalist, a small room will looks ugly when it is decorated with too much decoration or furniture, here are several tips on small apartment design home decor. The first thing when decorating a small apartment is choosing the overall theme of the house, its mean that a house or apartment should have a some specific or special theme such as a modern, classic, prefab or contemporary.

wall paint for small apartment design

small kitchen for small apartment with white colorThe colors of the walls are the basic concept in decorating a small apartment, It is known that light colors, especially white, wide spaces as we say in Create effects with the colors, why opt for pastel shades of every hue is the most recommendable. Avoid dark colors and warm too strong or bright. It is also a great idea to give a similar looks or different wall paint in different room, it creates a feeling of continuity and consistency that increases the space visually have no color limits.

modern minimalist furniture for small apartmentAfter choosing the wall paint, consider to choose the type, shape, color and distribution of the furniture, as we know that not only just the right choice of colors, the furniture is the key to select in the use of space. Small furniture, particularly furniture to low table height, wall space and create space in the visual field of the occupants. The simple forms are the best, the chairs look as bulky and cumbersome designs of a classic style are less suitable. Avoid to choose a big furniture set. Try different layouts of the furniture to make space, opting for good transit. You can replace furniture and large side tables, modular furniture or TV stand shelves, brackets hanging on the wall or floating shelves. Take the corners.

small apartment home decor and lightingThe last thing to enhance your small apartment are set the lighting, fabrics and accessories. The interior lighting is the basic thing that can create a special effect into  any room, especially in a small one. The light must not miss, giving priority to natural light. Avoid standing lamps that consume space. A central light, you can add sconces on walls and ceilings. And the curtains? Just they are permitted free passage of light, these fabric smooth, simple shapes, simple fall, light colors, especially white. Place a modest amount of ornaments to decorate and same pictures, small size and few in number. If you want to place large boxes can do so at a bare wall and not to exceed one third of the width of the wall around. A common trick is to use mirrors which magnify a little more space, but generally mirrors where they are useful and are uncomfortable and not intimidating.

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