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Fashion Shop Design and Clothing Store Interior by AUM Archtiect

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fashion-shop-store-designs-1AUM architects presents this fashion store in modern style with special color and decoration theme, this clothing store is dominated with the modern concept of touch some of the interior with selection of red and white colors on the walls. Use the line firmly clarify each visitor to advance to step into a clothing store. Coating the walls and ceiling white aluminum composite materials prepared with 1.25 m vertical and horizontal. From this center include the wall in the background of the store, leading to the stairs. The red area surrounding mezzanine, shows the deck top and bottom layers of the deck, being part of the table box and vertical plans which set the boundaries fitting room area. Here are some photos of the interior design of AUM Architects Clothing Store.

Fashion shop store designs - t-shirt display

fashion shop store designs - under wear and lingery


fashion shop store designs -  furniture

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