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Colorful Interior of Cafe Foam by Note Design Studio

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Cafe foam colorful interior pink and blueCreating a cafe with colorful interior is a great idea to get a new look and modern cafe design. Customer will feel more convenience while enjoying the cafe. This is the Café Foam, owned by Michael Toutoungi and designed by Note Design Studio. Michael wants to get a special cafe that decorated with special interior design that people either love or hate and that nobody is indifferent to.

Cafe foam colorful interior mini barThe first thing that note design studio do is  searching for something special where passion and hate were equally present. The project became the complexity around bull fighting as a phenomenon. So they were fascinated by the bull and bullfighter´s mutual movements and the directions in the battle. This struggle along with the materials and colors at the stadium were the inspiration when designing the new Café Foam.

Cafe foam colorful interior red and pinkThey allowed the Spanish temperament to meet the Scandinavian coolness and the inspiration from the bullfighter´s movements across the arena led us to create a design that is reminiscent of Baertling´s lines. There were also two other important factors while creating the design. The first was to keep certain well-known elements from the previous interior to make regulars feel right at home and the second was creating a vivid environment that made meetings easier, protected the integrity of its costumers and enhanced the eating experience. A place for everybody. [via]

Cafe foam colorful interior pink bookcase

Cafe foam colorful interior hallwaySee more colorful cafe interior design here..

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