golden stone interior design

Color Of the Home by Combining Wall Paint and Floors

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How hard is it for you to choose a color, should you choosing a single color or several color? when it comes to painting both of either interior or exterior, it takes time to makeĀ  a good decision, most people will have too many selections and its normal. It is best to start with en element in the house such as your existing flooring when your are choosing wall paint or your overall house coloring theme. Flooring is a large part of the part of the floor plan and dictates a direction. All tile or stone has either a vein of another color with a subtle undertone. Wood flooring also has a warm or cool value.

gray stone floor with gray wall on modern bathroom

hardwood floorIf you want to get a cool tone you can use the gray stone or the golden stone to get the warm room.It is the best to add a balance of warm and cool tones together, sometimes an opposite thing can make a great thing. The first picture is the interior with gray stone that combined with warm color from the wood furniture, as we know that gray stone is a very neutral color, you can place a lighter or darker value next to it. Gray is a tint of white and black and those are two colors we use as accents typically for wood molding and lighting fixtures.

warm and gold color for interior wall - floor designThe golden color is a tougher choice as it is very dominant in warmth. So the reverse ides would be the best. Most people that choose the warm tones shy away from cool values. They lean toward a warm paint, if you add too much of the same it will become monotone or overwhelming. There has to be a balance. For instance, someone would not choose yellow with this color tone but its better to choose a warm cream or a tan with a cool under tone – just a touch of cool is enough. Here is the key to balance. If you want a peaceful look, keep all tones monochromatic (various hues of the same color). Add a touch of color in accessories. If you want some zest, add a variety of colors throughout your home, just remember to balance warm versus cool when it comes to choosing paint, flooring and accessories.

golden stone interior design

wood floor with white combination

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