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Cafe Shop Interior Gallery, Modern Store Design with Colorful Theme

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Entrading cafe - in pink colorful theme

Cafe Interior Design – There are a lot of this site visitor who searching for a cafe shop interior design and coffee shop design, So, I collect this several awesome and beautiful cafe shop  and coffee shop interior from several sources. This is the Entrading café, situated in the heart of the busy business district of Glasgow is a café and shop that some might find a bit of a surprise. Entrading is a combined high street eco-store and café. Like high street shops, drinking and eating in our city centres have become overly homogenised by chain coffee houses, pubs and restaurants. It is therefore very refreshing to walk into a city café and store which is pretty unique in concept. The principle is to reduce the environmental impact, in the products it sells and how it sells it. Even the yearly carbon footprint of the business has been calculated.

Deli cafe interior designThis beautiful cafe is named Deli cafe and Deli Shop, A buzzing café at the centre of the shopping court, serving continental drinks, snacks,local favourites and fresh daily sweets and savouries. With Mediterranean cuisine that provide several Mediterranean food, this cafe operates from 10 am until 10 pm.

Welney Wetland Centre cafe interior designI love this cafe interior design, these are the Welney Wetland Centre cafe, themed with green color and beach views theme. The cafe provide a great range of local an organic homemade food as you take in the spectacular views from the cafe.

Welney Wetland Centre cafe with giant-sized pictureThis is the Cup Cake Cafe, Cupcake Café on 9th Avenue is “an oasis for coffee. … A cappuccino is topped with a head of creamy froth that would do a glass of Guinness proud. La Colombe Torrefaction supplies the espresso beans… The cafe’s look suggests an archaeological dig, with patches of exposed brick and marble slabs as counters and tables.”

cup cake cafe exteriorSee more ideas of cafe interior design here..

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