kitchen cabinet design - best home design series

Best Home Design with Lagoon Oasis Kitchen by Tiare Cowan

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kitchen design - best home design seriesIt’s great to own this awesome kitchen, this is the post of best home design series on best kitchen design. This lagoon oasis kitchen is designed by Tiare Cowan, you can find more information on homeportfolio. Just take a look on these kitchen gallery to feel the elegance and modernity of the kitchen.

kitchen design - best home design series

kitchen design with dining room - best home design seriesHomeportfolio allows you to search by a style, room, category, brand, or designer, which can make it extremely easy for someone looking for some insight. If you have a plan to design a best home, it’s great to design the kitchen first, because the kitchen is the important home interior that can describe the personality of home owner. Tiare Cowan provides you these beautiful kitchen that  provides a ton of storage, which is every mother’s one wish, but also doesn’t give the cluttered look with too much going on. The thing that stands out the most to me is the ceiling structure and lighting. A unique use of indirect lighting and hanging ceiling fans add a level of depth to the kitchen. Along with plentiful countertop space, which is always a plus, there is storage to stash things that would normally be sitting out on the countertop. The kitchen creates a very spacious environment but still having the friendly vibe to it. With this kitchen design, you can easily decorate as anything matches well with wood.

kitchen lighting design - best home design series

kitchen cabinet design - best home design series

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