Bedroom of eureka valley

Renovation Project of Eureka Valley Residence, San Fransisco by Cbstudio

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House garage of eureka valley

There are two type of  home renovations,  designing the old one with the new home style, this renovation project usually named home remodeling.This remodeling enable you to get the new house style. Another renovation project is renovation the new material nut still used the old and original house style. The renovation of this 1908, craftsman house is an essay on the dialogue between old and new. At the upper stories, modern elements were inserted into the historic shell while still maintaining the original proportions and character. An unfinished basement was excavated to make an entirely new living space with a media room, guest room, full bath and laundry. Meticulous detailing of the new interior resonates with the craftsman construction. In 2007, reconstruction of the free-standing garage at the back of the property was completed with the inclusion of a new family retreat at the garden level. Cbstudio
Stair and Fireplace of eureka valley interior

Eurekavalley interior kitchen dinning room

Play room of Eureka valley interior

Bedroom of eureka valley

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