Feng Shui Bedroom Colors - pink

Modern Bedroom Pink Colors with Feng Shui Concept

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Feng Shui Bedroom Colors in red and pinkFeng shui concept still can provide you the best way in home design, such as on this modern bedroom colors, a pink color combination looks great with red color, all this picture on these post are concerning on how to Feng Shui affecting into bedroom designs, The Feng Shui is a basic concept that believed in Asian people especially for Chinese. In general, pink is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom because it is the color associated with relationships. Pink is also thought of as an auspicious color combining the fire/ passion of red and the metal element of white. Pink represents love and pure feelings of joy, happiness, and romance.

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Feng Shui Bedroom Colors - pink 4Why Pink is one of the best color of  Feng Shui  especially for women? Many Chinese stay away from having white blankets on their beds because it is similar to the shroud that covers the dead and fear sleep will seem like death. Although, plain white sheets or white sheets with flowers or colorful designs are fine. The use of pink or red sheets and blankets are used by those seeking to get married or by newlyweds to ensure wedding bliss.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors - pink 4

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors - pink

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