Stacked House remodeling project - bedroom designs

Home Remodeling Project of Stacked House in Bangalore India by Architecture Paradigm

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Stacked-House-remodeling-project-1-front-viewHome remodeling project is an upgrade from an old house into a new design that usually refacing into a modern looks with contemporary style and another creative design. Some time, a remodeling project also applying any sophisticated technology into the house. This is one of a remodeling project of an old and multi-generation  family living into a new and modern one, the architect,  Architecture Paradigm tries to turn a three-bedroom house into a retreat-like home with two units. With the size of  400sqm, the house is flanked by roads on the north and western edges. The architects wanted to create a beautiful home without retaining its personal identity. The outcome is an open ended amalgamation, which is just what the owners had hoped for.

Stacked House remodeling project - interior decorating ideas

Stacked House remodeling project - interior decorating ideasThis is a special house that has cultural heritage and  a wonderful place to enjoy our family. The house has skylights and large windows that let natural light flood the rooms and a tree court which brings the outdoors inside. The furniture is very modern and you can see Indian elements throughout the entire space.  This house got a major upgrade and is now siting in the middle of the site, enjoying open spaces on all sides. In order to reach their goal, layers were used to establish varying degrees of transparency and to dissolve boundaries between in and outside. Wood is the main material installed to get warmth and elegance into this house. However, this house is a good enough and has a simple decorating ideas that may inspire you to upgrade your house. homedit

Stacked House remodeling project - living room

Stacked House remodeling project - bedroom designs

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