techbuilt colorful country house bedroom design

Techbuilt Colorful Country House Design with Modern Furniture

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techbuilt colorful country house exterior designColorful home design themes is my favorite design, this theme is suitable applied on modern home, prefab or any simple home decorating ideas. Color combination plays more function on creating a house atmosphere, this is the techbuilt country house with prefab home design, the house is built and decorated with colorful theme, the outside view of the house show the yellow, white and blue color combination. Similarly with its outdoor view, the interior color themes also decorated with yellow, blue and white colors.

techbuilt colorful country house living room design

techbuilt colorful country house artistic interior decorating ideasMuch of the room such as the living area room and the bedroom are decorated with artistic colored decoration ideas, take a look on the rugs, its decorated in beautiful-bright yellow rugs, this rugs color is suitable with the yellow indoor flower and the warm-green sofa color. As we known, the Techbuilt houses were part of a democratic movement in home architecture that started with the “Modern Homes” kit houses from Sears in 1908. For the Interior panel system, Karim Rashid purchased the Carl Koch-designed, yellow and blue panel system house over the Internet. Originally, this house could be built in three days, based on a panel system and post-and-beam structure. There are no first or second floors, a radical concept at the time just a basement and an attic in a split concept on a single poured-concrete slab. The Windows could be placed anywhere in the grid of panels so that each owner could customize their house for site-specific views, sunlight, and ventilation. Karim Rashid furnishings and design spirit fuse perfectly with the primary color scheme. source, via.

techbuilt colorful country house modern furniture

techbuilt colorful country house bedroom design

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