Preparing Your House for Rent

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Renting out your property is a big decision and one that comes with many responsibilities. Before you put your house up for rent, you are required to make sure that your property is in a ‘habitable’ status. This means that any known problems must be fixed before you allow tenants to move in. If your property is fairly new, you might be just about to switch off – don’t! New homes can have little faults that need to be fixed too. At your earliest convenience take the opportunity to walk through the property and objectively assess how ‘habitable’ it is, noting any repair and maintenance work that needs to be complete before tenants move in.

Fixtures and fittings

You should test all of the fixtures and fittings from the lights in the lounge room to the taps in the bathroom to determine that they are all in good working order. If there are any faults, no matter how small, make a note to repair them. Something as simple as a leaking tap will get worse and only add to your water bill.


This question is extremely important as it really contributes to the overall presentation of your property and could be the difference between a high or low rental amount. The type of floors you have will determine what type of cleaning is required. Carpet, in particular, requires attention as it can harbour health hazards as a result of mold, mildew and pets. The easiest solution is to employ the services of a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets – that way you can ensure that your tenants will not be exposed to such health hazards.

Storage areas

Mildew and mold can lurk in cabinets, closets and storage areas, especially if the property has been prone to leaky fixtures. Make sure that all storage areas are cleaned.


Walls should be clean and free of marks, chips and holes. If the walls have not been painted in the last few years you might need to repaint. A fresh lick of paint can go a long way when it comes to presentation, which might help you to attract higher quality tenants. When choosing colours make sure you choose something neutral – antique white is always a good option.


There would be nothing more frustrating than organising a removalist and moving into a new property only to realise that an appliance doesn’t work, so make sure you test everything. Anything old should be replaced as these can pose health risks and can be extremely energy inefficient. Replacing old appliances with new models will save you money on energy and repairs and maintenance. Your tenants will appreciate the newer appliances, and your electric or gas bills should be lower as well.

Windows and doors

All of the property’s windows and doors should open, close and lock with ease. If you have any problems you may need to seek professional aid to fix them. By testing all of the components within your property and fixing any that are faulty, you should be able to rent your property out with confidence. If you are supplying a fully furnished property for rent, you should consider applying for contents insurance to cover any damage that may occur to particular items.

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