Outdoor Lighting Lamp Design from Landa.it

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outdoor lighting product for garden Many of outdoor lighting products are design in common design, here are several artistic but modern outdoor lighting product from landa. Landa Illuminotecnica is situated in Lumezzane, Brescia, an area of northern Italy well known for the entrepreneurial spirit of its people, which has made this area very successful in many fi elds.

Landa was founded in 1987 and has made itself known on the outdoor and external lighting market, both in Europe and Worldwide, with a comprehensive range of lighting products.

outdoor lighting product gallery for landscapeThe first lamp is Orion Inox, this lamp can bi applied for outdoor and garden lighting. The second picture is the Mira 200 lamp, installed on the surface of the garden, so the garden looks romantic.

outdoor lighting product for landscapeHere are another outdoor lamp, designed in simple shape and strong looks, these outdoor lamp is suitable for garden, landscape.

outdoor lighting product gallery for garden and park

outdoor lighting product gallery for swimming pool

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