small living room with wall storage

Most Important Things in Decorating a Small Living Room

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As the most important place in our house, its the place for entertainment of guests, a living room also the most favorite place where families come together and to end their day, relax after a long workweek or just enjoy a television programs. So, its important that the living room should decorated and made into a friendly atmosphere to ensure the comfort of the visitors. A small living room should decorated in special ways, a bad or false decoration can make the room looks more irregular.

small living room with minimalist furnitureBefore deciding the appropriate decoration thing, you should considering about the main function of the room, as a living room, you should complete it with a sufficient space for relax, just put a simple furniture set or minimalist furniture, don’t force it with decorate your living room with big and elegant furniture, but you don’t have a sufficient spacious on your living room.

small living room with large windowAnother thing you can do is by choosing a large window design on your living room, so you can see your outdoor view from your living room. Glass wall is the best solution if you don’t want to create a large window. Its also give a maximum lights into your living room while reducing the electricity used on your lamps. Most of home designers recommended to choose a special color in decorating a small living room, a bright color is the best, avoid to use a dark color for your small living room.

small living room with bright white color

small living room with bright warm colorThe last thing in decorating the small living room is minimize the usage of the floor, avoid to locate anything on your floor, as the solution, we can use a wall storage or bookcase.

small living room with wall storage

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