Layout flexibility of Italian modern kitchen designs - venus pininfarina

Italian Modern Kitchen Collection of Venus from Snaidero-usa

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italian-modern-kitchen-designs-venus-matte-ebony-1Italian modern kitchen designs are still be the favorite kitchen forever, as we know that Italian architects are known as the best architect in the world. If you want to design your own kitchen, may be by reading this post you can be inspired to design your own kitchen design with Italian style such as these collection of Snaidero-usa. Snaidero-usa was a high-quality furniture manufacturer with over 30 years in North America with good reputation in servicing their customers. On this time I will show you just a little of their collection named “Venus” modern Italian kitchen design. Venus is a collection of modern kitchen designs that designed based on personalized customer service, so the designs are limited edition based on customer’s order.Venus kitchen is styled in contemporary lines with clear-cut and elegant symmetries, Venus kitchen has various theme such as Pininfarina Design with Ice White, Coral Red high or Black cabinet high gloss lacquer, a contemporary kitchen with a distinctive look which brings personality to any space. The Pininfarina collection also available with curry yellow high gloss lacquer and Ebony wood. A contoured countertop turns the island into a cooking/table area.


Curry Yellow Italian modern kitchen designs - venus pininfarinaOne of the best feature of the kitchens is the flexibility of the layout and with elegant design to open up the kitchen to other living areas of the home. The door frame also very resistant and easy to clean, the large cupboard can be customized with storage compartments and a variety of appliances. It has 83% energy-saving lighting system that guarantees even distribution of light, low heat emission and higher bulb durability.

Saving energy Italian modern kitchen designs - venus pininfarina

Layout flexibility of Italian modern kitchen designs - venus pininfarina

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