fashion cafe and bar with blue color and lighting

Unique Bar and Fashion Cafe Interior Design and Lighting by Marchi

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fashion cafe and bar furnishing design with unique decorationCafe Interior Design – A beautiful interior decorating idea on a bar or cafe can improve the customers, here are several samples of unique bar and cafe design from Marchi. For more than 40 years, Marchi has been planning and creating customized furniture for Hotels, Residential Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, wine bars, Shops, and Health Farms in Italy and abroad. MARCHI offers its clients customized solutions, design and materials research, and global service. All this always with the best professionalism, flexibility and efficiency. The first picture is the Cafe Interior Design with a purple theme with its unique and beautiful lighting and decoration.

Bar interior design - lightingFurniture and room decoration are the main key in creating an interesting and excited cafe or bar, on the above picture, there is a modern cafe with its minimalist-modern furniture.

fashion cafe furnishing in modern styleThis unique cafe is designed with a bright canopy, the canopy is designed to give a value of artistic atmosphere. Visit Marchi to get more information or seeing their plans of estimating service or just seeing their gallery.

unique bar and fashin cafe with canopy ceiling

fashion cafe and bar with blue color and lightingSee more ideas of cafe interior design here..

As an alternative, you can also visit the gallery below to get more ideas on decorating a cafe:

Pictures of Cafe Interior Designs

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