Modern Kitchen Design Trends with Italian Style

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modern-kitchen-designsI believed that each Italian interior designer always has an amazing design on each interior decorating idea, on this time, I will share you again about kitchen designs trend with Italian style. After searching on several Italian interior website, I collect these amazing modern kitchen designs. Just check it out and feel free to share it again with your friends. I also believe that the kitchen design trends is still used the basic modern design from Italian style, here are several samples of Italian modern kitchens from several Italian websites. The basic concept of this 2011 trends in each interior design is the coloring choice of a neutral color such as black and modern, the trends also tend to still decorate any room with modern and minimalist furniture in each design but still offers comfortable and functional within an aesthetic and elegant solution. The material surfaces, floors of stone and steel that, in dialogue with each other, they create a play of new approaches and strong color combination.


modern-kitchen-designs-in-Italian-styleSeveral people, such as last year, still have a favorite decoration for their kitchenss such as decorating the kitchen wall with backsplash or coloring, it seems still be a favorite choice on this year’s kitchen design trends.  Another idea on Italian kitchen design is the use of warm color such as wood color or wood material on the cabinets and another furnishings.

Kitchen-Interior-Design-trends-with-warm-wood-coloringColorful kitchen designs also one of the best kitchen ideas for this year’s trend, it suitable for any modern homes with maximum interior lighting. I think by these samples you may inspire to redecorate your kitchen or build the new one by adopting these Italian styles on kitchen designs.



By the way, I’m regularly collecting and publishing many pictures of the kitchen with various styles and designs. Here are 20 randomly pictures of kitchen interiors design you might like to adopt.

20 Pictures of Kitchen Interiors

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