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In a room, the color of the ceiling should avoid too deep or too dim, which will bring your home in a top-heavy situation, will make you felt like living in caves. The best choice of color matching is: choosing the palest, color for ceilings, the next is the flooring, and put the color focus on the walls.

The color matching of home decorating should emphasize coordination, comfort, and could taking people’s feelings of relaxation, so you should avoid adding too many strong colors which will add visual fatigue. Reducing the use of contrasting colors and using the same colors as far as possible, a coordinated color matching will make you feel more relaxed and easy in-home.

However, we do not say contrasting colors can not be used, the interior design of a home should strive for total integration, just like a concerto which could be giving people a whole look and feel, and a small number of variations and a few strong designs also could form a kind of embellishment and a style with focus while not obtrusive…

Colors can also be explained through the five elements theory. White on behalf of gold, red on behalf of fire, blue and black on behalf of water, green on behalf of wood, and yellow, brown, beige, khaki on behalf of soil. In the Five Elements theory, gold inter-restricts wood, wood inter-restricts soil, soil inter-restricts water, water inter-restricts fire, fire inter-restricts gold, but also antagonistic symbiosis with each other, gold inter-generates water, water inter-generates wood, wood inter-generates fire, fire inter-generates soil.

For a simple example, matching red with black will form an inter-restriction pattern of water and fire, conflicted but personalized. Matching black with yellow, just as covering soil with water and build a dike to prevent from dike breaking, thus produce a kind of warning meanings virtually. Matching red with yellow will formed a pattern of fire generates earth, the fire flared up more, and more earth will be generated, which formed a strong impression, an effect of very warm.

Moreover, here are several pictures of home decorating ideas which may inspire you.

Pictures of Home Decorating Ideas

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