Interior Decorating Ideas with Cracking the Color Code

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modern loft house interior with warm-green colorWhen decorating a room, it is always much better to choose a theme, color, or style as a basis for its overall look. This is because throwing a random bunch of furniture together, with any old color and material, will make even the most appointed room look untidy and disorganized at worst or will simply not bring out the full potential of the room at best. When you are moving into a new home, however, you may wonder how to go about choosing a style for any particular room. After all, you may have various budget constraints, or maybe you are very inexperienced at this and you are little nervous to settle on a particular look because you might end up severely disappointed.

modern home interior decorating ideas with white color

interior decorating ideas with soft-green color

One of the easiest ways to decide upon a specific décor is to choose one specific color or a set of colors and shades. In this way, it does not matter so much which materials you use for your furniture – wood or metal, for example – just as long as everything conforms to your color scheme. By following a color scheme, your choices may be a little more open, and it might not matter too much if you even mix styles here and there. The color scheme is what gives order and sequence to the décor of the room.

So how do you choose your color scheme?

  • Take a look at the natural lighting of the room. Is it a bit dingy and therefore needs bright colors to make it appear lighter? If so, go for whites and yellows. If, on the other hand, it is a very sunny room, you might want to cool it down or pale blues and creams.

modern home interior decorating ideas with natural light - pale blues and cream

  • What is the room going to be used for? A bathroom, for example, which is associated with water, can look very good in a cool blue. If it is your daughter’s bedroom, on the other hand, you may want peach or pink, which are considered to be more feminine colors.
  • How can you best express these colors? Again, a lot depends on the room. In every room, you can paint the walls in your chosen colors, and then choose furniture and/or fittings that either blend or contrast, depending on your taste. Area rugs are a great way to express your color scheme. A pink rug, blue rug, or even a colored flokati rug will certain add to your décor. If the appointed room is a bathroom, you can add appropriate towels and a shower curtain. In the bedroom, you could color coordinate the bedding.
Colorful interior decorating ideas with rugs
Colorful interior decorating ideas with rugs

Choosing colors should be fun, and you should try to find the colors that you like the best. You can also decide whether you want to contrast or blend certain colors, rather than being totally rigid in your choice. For example, you may love the color red, but a completely red room would be overwhelming. Therefore, you may want to contrast it with cream, white, and black, making the room look more aristocratic.

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