2011 Bathroom Trends for Modern Home Designs

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Bathroom designs are up and coming trends in the marketplace, every year more than 100 designers who worked on a kitchen or bathroom participate in a survey and reveal the hottest styles for 2011 bathroom design trends, and based on several first result in search engine, there are several trends that may be can inspire you to redecorate your old bathroom or building the new one. The Best bathroom gallery and color schemes is green color bathrooms. The trend in color for bathrooms has been softer, more neutral tones, like sea greens, with natural elements like bamboo and stone added to the space. While whites, creams, beiges and browns are still the most commonly used colors in bathrooms, green color palettes rose from 14 percent to 24 percent over the course of 2010.


Another bathroom trends idea is to create more of a spa-like or hotel-like feel with quartz countertops, People are making their homes equipped with the items they love when they go on vacation, such as high-end countertops. They want those aspects of luxury incorporated into their own bathrooms. The last idea on bathroom trends is the choice of the sinks, Under-mount sinks continue to dominate in new bathrooms, but vessel sinks have become the clear second choice among designers.

I have a lot of pictures of bathroom designs on this website. All the pictures are in high-resolution and in artistic design. You can get them randomly in 20 pictures by visiting the gallery below:

Pictures of Bathroom Designs

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