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Home Decorating Ideas with Inexpensive Decorative Wall Paneling

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interior wall panellingThe most effective in designing and decorating an interior is by applying a big change in overall interior theme, you can make a big change on your interior by applying some color on the wall or choosing the tile colors. In order to get an unique design, you can also decorate your wall with a wall paneling, it is true that the wall paneling is very expensive and difficult to install. But actually, we can be able to do it ourselves without feeling any hassle at all by following these several steps and ideas.

fabric wall panels interior decoration

textured wallpaper for wall panels home decorIt’s not too bad to install any fabric wall panels into your home decor, this is one of the great materials which can be used in wall paneling. The simplest way that we can do to install our fabric in panels is by simply purchasing some thin foam insulation boards. We could then cut it with our desired size and then wrap it with our chosen fabric. You can also use a simple textured wallpaper which is nowadays available all over the markets around us. The textured wallpaper pattern has a lot of different styles which are reminiscent of some tin ceiling tiles and as well as some molded plaster. The last choice material is the bamboo. The bamboo reeds are being considered by a lot of us as a very highly versatile material which are also a replenish able wood material.

bamboo wall panelsActually, you can also used a recycled wood or any unused material to apply into your wall panels, after choosing the best material for your wall panel, you need to install a decorative wall paneling. A good installation of wall panels, it would not only add beauty to your room but it would also hide the uneven and the bumpy walls that you would want to have covered.  Before installation, you need to prepare the room by removing the nails, staples or any other protrusions that you may find in the walls where you would want to hang the paneling.

wall panel installationThe first thing that you can do is measure the wall where you would want to have the paneling. Start by measuring the length of the wall in feet and then add all the measurements. Divide the added measurements by 4 and you will get how many paneling you would need. When buying a paneling, buy some extra sheets in case a pattern needs to be followed when you hang it on the wall.

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