DIY Tips on Home Interior Decorating Ideas

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Do It by Your Self, this is a concept of doing all things by your self in everything, on home interior decorating ideas, its mean that all thing you do in decorating or designing is done by your self. If you are an avid viewer of DIY interior decorating ideas programs on TV, you may be at a point that you’d like to try your hand at it in your own home. Suddenly, all the information you thought you learned is a complete jumble in your brain. You may be wondering, what is the best starting point for a beginner? How will your choices affect the ambiance of the room? Start with some basic tips and you’ll be well on your way to beautiful rooms.

Plan for interior decorating ideas
Plan for interior decorating ideas

Imagine it first by Designing

Choose something you love that has at least three colors. It may be the pattern in a sofa, chair or bed spread. It may be a painting or else.If you are starting from scratch, enjoy the process of shopping for that one item that contains your favorite colors. If your budget is smaller, choose the item in your home that is your favorite. Now, pick three colors out of your chosen item that appeal to you.

Painting for interior decorating ideas
Painting for interior decorating ideas

Room Color

Pick one of the colors in your color pallet to be the one you would like to see in large pieces, making it a primary color element of the room. You might use it on chair or sofa upholstery or on an area rug. Your third color pick will be used for smaller items in the room, as accents. It will be the brightest and most striking color. A decorator pillow here and there, an art piece or a vase. This color should be sprinkled evenly about the room.

The easiest and biggest change in a room comes through painting the walls. It will also be the most widely spread color in the room, therefore the most important color choice. Choose one of your three colors as your room’s paint choice. You can get a custom color by taking an item to be matched at the paint store. However, you can choose for your walls a lighter or darker shade of one of the colors, provided it is in the same color family. That means it has the same undertone. When looking at a color, notice if it seems to have a gray, yellow or pink tinge to it. That is the undertone. —ehow interior decorating ideas

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