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Best Persian Rugs Buying Guide for your Elegant Home Decoration

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Best Persian RugsPersian rugs usually used for decorate an elegant interior, most of Persian rugs are expensive because they are made of high quality material with hand-made processing for each rug or carpet. There are a various style and material of Persian rugs, before you buy your Persian rugs, its better to know these Persian Rugs types. There are Tabriz, Isfahan, Qom, Nain and Bidjar Persian rugs. The best Persian rugs are the rugs from the Persian cities of Tabriz, Kashan, Kerman, and Herat. The Tabriz style rugs especially define the classic oriental rug look, with a central medallion design over a background of scrolling vines and patterns. Almost all Persian rugs share the same symmetrical design, and their multitude of colors and patterns make them excellent for hiding dirt and stains that would stand out on a solid-color rug.

Persian Rugs - Bidjar

persian_rugs-nainBefore deciding which is the best choice Persian rugs, you need to ensure and determining what size rug you need. Measure the area you wish to cover, whether it is a room, hallway, or dining area. For the best rugs, look for rugs made in Iran. This is the traditional Persian rug center, with skilled craftsmen, long lasting vegetable-based dyes and pigments, and high quality wool. Most people need to see and touch larger rugs to get a real idea what they will look like in their home, so we suggest finding a local rug dealer near you rather than simply buying online. At a minimum, spend some time in a rug shop to get an idea of what your favorite makes, styles, and colors are. Then, if you prefer to shop online for lower prices or larger selection, you at least have some experience and know what you are getting.


Whether you are new to Persian rugs or already have some knowledge and experience, it is very important to know what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for a Persian carpet. Unfortunately, there are many Persian rug online and retail businesses that are using very deceptive methods and promises, which is why this trade has earned such a bad reputation. Most regular rug retail stores offer bogus savings up to 70% off and sales that never end and so on. Here are the tips:


Buy your Persian rugs from any Licensed business whenever possible, There are a lot of Persian rugs being offered at road-shows, conventions, customs auctions and by traveling salesmen. These are the places where most of the fraud takes place. Amongst the most common tricks is the advertisement of Chinese and Indian carpets as authentic Persian rugs from Iran. To a novice eye, it is virtually impossible to distinguish a high quality silk Chinese carpet from a real Persian silk rug and some will take full advantage of it. If you see a Persian rug that you absolutely must have, find out if the event is being sponsored by an actual retail store and get the physical address.

Guaranteed and Return Policy

Never buy a rug, especially through the internet, without a proper return policy. Some businesses sell the rugs at very low prices and then charge an obscene shipping rate to make up for the profit, and they typically do not refund the shipping cost in the event of a return. This virtually guarantees that the buyer will not bother sending the rug back.


Every genuine Persian carpet you purchase should come with some sort of document that lists the origin of the rug, quality, size, approximate age, date of purchase, your address, and the selling price. Most important, you want to see the words “guaranteed handmade Persian rug made in Iran” and the sellers signature. Some will scan a picture of the rug, which is nice but not required.


even if you are not an expert or are buying a rug online. Look for the details of the rug and somewhere you will see a magical number that will show whether the seller has any integrity or is completely off the deep end. The thing to look is the KPSI, which stands for Knots per Square Inch. source

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