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Modern Bedroom Colors in Natural, Refreshing, and Soothing Green

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Bedroom colors can bring a special atmosphere into any room, for bedroom, bedroom colors are the basic element that can bring a big difference into the bedroom. The best choice for bedroom colors are the color which can ensure your room into something natural, refreshing and comfortable.

green bedroom designGreen is one of best bedroom colors that can bring more positive atmosphere into the bedroom, on this time I will share you how to design a bedroom in natural, refreshing and sooting with green. Green color is like an oasis, do you know that the human eye is able to see more shades of green than any other colour, so, as in a forest or oasis, you can experiment with a variety of different tones in one location. In this bedroom sober and calming greens are used on the walls and blinds, accentuated by at least 3 other shades of green in the accessories and throw. White is used on the furnishings, bed and window fitting. Another color that can be combined with green is brown, brown is an excellent choice  as its sets off the natural green with its dark, earthy tones reminiscent of tree bark and the rich earth of a forest floor.


green bedroom colors designsgreen bedroom designs are easy to decorate, with a few accessories, the natural feel of a green bedroom can be changed to something bold and striking. You can combine with another color such as on above picture. A turquoise-blue has been used to offset the green, to create a fantasy bedroom for a bolder or younger inhabitant. Note that this effect could look somewhat messy if it were not for the fact that the bed covers, vase, and walls were not in the same exact shade.

green bedroom color designs

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