Small Bedroom Design without Clutter
Small Bedroom Design without Clutter

How to Transform a Small Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your refuge from work, stress, and all the worries in your life. It should be a place where you can unwind and relax, without any intrusion or disturbance from the outside world. Can you really relax in a bedroom that’s too small, though? A room that’s restrictively small, as opposed to cozy, isn’t going to do much for you in the way of relaxation. Have a look at the design of fitted bedrooms online to get an idea of what you can do with your space.  It takes a skilled hand to decorate and organize a small room properly, but you can make a big difference by following some relatively basic steps.

Small Bedroom Design without Clutter
Small Bedroom Design without Clutter

No clutter allowed

This may seem like an easy thing to accomplish, but it takes true willpower to keep your room uncluttered. The more stuff you have to lie around in your bedroom, the smaller and more cramped it will feel. If you can’t see your skirting board, it probably means you have too much furniture and other belongings for the size of your room. Try and move what is not totally essential out of your bedroom to other rooms, or simply get rid of it. To create the illusion of space, you need to be able to look around the room and not feel like you’ve got too much stuff.

Scale the décor according to your bed size

If you’ve got a small room, you probably need to scale your bed size down in order to maximize space. Your bed is going to be the main focal point of the room and the place where your eyes will be drawn to as soon as you walk in.  If a bed in a small space is too large, it will instantly make the room feel cramped. Ideally, you want a smaller one that has storage space beneath it. After you’ve scaled your bed down, you should scale your décor to the same proportions if possible.

Create interesting focal points

 In order to distract others – and yourself – from how small the room really is, you need to use some decorative flair. Place your favorite piece of artwork above your bed, so the eye is drawn away from the rest of the room.  It’s all about shifting emphasis. Paint walls white, place mirrors opposite the window, and keep any surfaces clear.  Your small bedroom can be a den, a nest, or a haven for relaxation– you just need a bit of nous and know-how.

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