Italian White Modern Bathroom of SYMI by Lino Codato Design

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A modern bathroom can immediately change the atmosphere of your simple house into a more modern home, everybody knows that Italian style bathroom is one of the most favorite bathroom themes, so there is a lot of modern bathroom sample on the internet that utilizes Italian style.

White Modern bathroom designsWhite color is one of the best choices to get clean looks for bathroom designs, such as on this collection of Lino Codato Design, white-colored modern bathroom design with Italian style on a minimalist and modern theme. I love the countertop design that specialized integrated Mineralmarble and White Carrara marble. These bathrooms are the SYMI with Italian cabinet styles such as white high gloss lacquer and Black high gloss lacquer, the bathrooms also completed with Line model shower tray. The bathtub is designed in several models such as inset and freestanding with the ska model and ring model.

Modern bathroom designs with White matte lacquer

White modern bathroom designs - ring model bathtub

White modern bathroom designs with cocoa high gloss lacquer


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