fairhaven residence interior - dining room and kitchen

Fairhaven Residence Interior Design with Geometric Boxes Shape

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fairhaven residence outdoorFairhaven Residence is one of the best project of DeForest Architects, designed with lot of different media, including simple block  and sketch model, after the model are drawn, DeForest will talk to their client about the concept of the house. Just enjoy the gallery of the residence, on the first picture, the main view of the house from outside. Designed on geometric boxes shape, and completed with simple garden on the yard.

fairhaven residence interior - living room and fireplaceThis is the main living room and its fireplace, while the upper floor is turned slightly to capture even more light and distant views. A center skylight make this residence looks artistic that marks the shift from public to private hallway and sliding panels allow the owners to modulate the connection between public and private spaces.

fairhaven residence interior - bathroom

fairhaven residence interior - bedroom

fairhaven residence interior - dining room and kitchen

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