best restaurant decorating design

Best Restaurant Interior Decorating Design with Natural Green Concept

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best restaurant decorating design - front viewNatural concept can be applied on every building design, here is the natural concept that applied on a restaurant, this is the best restaurant design with natural concept, the Nat. Located in Hamburg, Germany is best interior restaurants with nature comes to the city concept by eins:eins architekten. The decoration sets the mood for restaurant customers and can take a theme or touch of elegance and natural green. Mixing green paint colors with modern elements is creating a feeling of comfort and inviting space. Nat. fine bio food, is to create fast food healthy, to offer delicious organic food in a timely manner and this in a contemporary environment. Nat. brings together organic and lifestyle, and with this follows the increasingly-important LOHAS-Trend (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). The ideas of lighting design are continually changing. While simulating the daylight from morning to late afternoon, the atmosphere at night is transformed into a warm, sunset. The ceiling cut-outs are then lit only by the west. The prevalence, ephemeral white furniture is in contrast to the rustic oak floor. The columns are Umbra-gray to accentuate, the upholstery is a fresh and green. In front of the restaurant style kitchens are, high, counter-like tables are situated for the guest who’s on the run – evoking the feeling one gets while eating at the kitchen counter. via
best restaurant decorating design - green healty

best restaurant decorating design - natural green concept

best restaurant decorating design - natural green concept and wall paint

best restaurant decorating design

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