parliament hill residential project - interior bathroom

Parliament Hill Modern Home Design and Lighting

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parliament hill residential project - exteriorThe property, a semi-detached house located on a quiet road leading to Hampstead Heath, comprised a maisonette and a flat, with an old extension to the rear. The houses in the area are not generally built well and require a lot of attention to ensure that they are sound structurally. The brief was to form a modern and enjoyable single family home for our client by extending the ground floor and integrating the rear garden with the new interiors.

parliament hill residential project - interior living room and lightingThe main architectural interventions to the exterior consisted of a new extension with a terrace above and redesign of the rear elevation to create large openings. Internally, the ground and first floor layouts were remodeled extensively. The ground floor was opened up and connected to the new extension. The rear garden was excavated so as to be at the same level as the ground floor. The kitchen to the front of the house was designed with sliding doors so that it could be separated from the living room when necessary.

parliament hill residential project - interior dining roomA large addition to the rear of the ground floor, tilted in plan from the lines of the main house in order to capitalize on the best outlook, was built to create the sitting area in the living room. Structurally the extension was challenging, since it had no column in the corner facing the garden. Two sliding doors meet at the corner with the ceiling above suspended in the air. A large opening, covered in structural glass, was formed over the extension, which lets diffused light into the depth of the living room.

parliament hill residential project - interior kitchen roomThe first floor of the house is dedicated to master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe as well as a study. The large master bedroom has direct access to the rear large terrace over the new extension.

parliament hill residential project - interior bathroom

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