two courtyards house and modern family room with home office design

Modern Interior on Three Levels of Two Courtyards House

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two courtyards house and modern exterior designSplit-level house is the best way to maximize the use of the available space for building a house, we can easily connect the indoor and outdoor, This house is the sample of three split-level houses for a couple and two their daughters in Guadalajara, Mexico, which also has other adjacent courtyard and beautiful terrace. There are three levels in it. A basement level includes a garage, services, and a game room and stairway which connects the whole house. On the ground floor, the kitchen, dining room, and family room are located. All these areas surround the central courtyard. Three bedrooms are located on the third level but they still have a great relationship with outdoor areas through the terrace. The interior design is done in a modern contemporary style. Colors and shapes chose not only to be stylish but also cozy and practical.

two courtyards house and modern interior living room design

two courtyards house and modern interior kitchen designAll of the interior including the kitchen, family room, bathroom, and bedrooms are designed and decorated with modern style. Basically, the house is designed in prefab house design that looks like a box, by using a split-level house it doesn’t need much area space but it can result in many rooms. The interior is completed with a set of modern dining furniture in the dining room, the bathroom used glass wall to divide between the bathroom and closet. Interior lighting is another component that designed in various styles, the best interior lighting system is the kitchen lighting that used the special ceiling shape that allows the daylight from the outdoor.   via

two courtyards house and modern interior bathroom design

two courtyards house and modern family room with home office design

By the way, there are other pictures of split-level house in this website. I recommend you to visit our gallery below to get more inspiring pictures of split-level houses.

Pictures of Split-Level Houses

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