Modern office interior acbc by pascal - meeting room

Modern Interior Design for ACBC Office from Pascal Architect

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Modern office interior acbc by pascalGood interior design of the office can effectively improve the spirit and performance of the employee, so it become a positive thing that can improve the value of the profitability of the company. That’s why, in order to improve these, ACBC hires Pascal Architect to design their office, and here is the project’s description. The Office interior uses a mixture of natural materials like marble and wood, in contrasting color glass angry, stainless steel and iron, creating a balanced composition of colors and textures, as well as a combination of modern and warm. An elevator in the lobby is designed with  contrast color in black and white marble and steel plate Calacata patina that  creates the effect of somewhat contradictory. This area used to Rosso Levanto marble. Design of the operational area consists of a large room with wall stickers workstations difference to decorate the walls of this room is very gelamor and modern.

modern office interior acbc by pascal - lighting on ceiling

Modern office interior acbc by pascal - marble floor ideasAt the end of the reception area is located to the executive secretary, which is covered by a glass door etched with geometric shapes, decorated with paintings and engravings Piranessi Jose Villalobos. Design meeting rooms equipped with contemporary furniture, and decorative wood panels combined with a plaster ceiling through both the hidden fats in which the injection of air conditioning. Velvet drapes complement the residential environment and provide a touch of elegance. In the meeting room is handled with the same materials and panels with direct and indirect light through the plate onyx. via

Modern office interior acbc by pascal - desks for working

Modern office interior acbc by pascal - meeting room

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